Wednesday, September 5, 2007

A Buffet of Bookish Bits

I've rounded up a smattering of book-related Internet goodies which may be of interest to others:

1) An article about the Book Trout's favorite book illustrator, Edward Gorey, in this month's issue of Harvard Magazine, accompanied by a photo of the bearded one snoozing among stacks of books and cats. Now that's a holy trinity.

2) A hilarious piece from The Mystery Readers Journal by mystery author Elaine Viets about her stint selling books.

3) San Anselmo bookstore Heldfond Book Gallery has a great website with a funky, noir feel. In addition to ogling their rare books, you can check out bookstore videos and their campy paperback book art which you can order as an 8x10 image suitable for framing.

4) The BBC website reports on the mountain climbing mules that bring library books to remote Andean villages in Venezuela.

5) Author Bill Peschel, who has the good taste to be photographed next to a Robertson Davies novel, provides ongoing biblio-tidbits on his blog Planet Peschel, which also is linked to his hilarious Museum of Modern Kitsch.

6) The indefatigable J. Godsey in Massachusetts maintains a number of book-related blogs, but I had never checked out her book repair supply site, sicpress, which has a swoon-worthy array of brushes, dusters, erasers, adhesives and supplies for the bookseller, collector, librarian or anyone needing to patch up a much-loved volume. There are even many instructional videos to demonstrate the use of these products and how to do various book repairs. Bookmark it.

7) A review of Geraldine Brooks's yet-to-be-released biblio-novel, The People of the Book, from I read and loved Brooks' evocative novel about the plague in rural 17th century England, "Year of Wonders" and have yet to scarf up her Pulitzer Prize novel "March", and now this new book will have to go on my wish list. Or possibly moved up to the Christmas list. Husband Tony Horwitz is also on the Book Trout's recommended author list. His account of traveling in Captain Cook's footsteps around the Pacific, "Blue Latitudes" is witty and informative, as is "Confederates in the Attic" about rabid reenactors. How much fun these two would be at the dinner table!

Enjoy your literary surfing.

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'berta said...

You do post the BEST cat pics. And then there's the Gorey with cats. You just can't beat Gorey and cats. Thanks for the great blog, I check it often.