Thursday, January 31, 2008

Clicking to Help Fund Literacy

Just discovered a website where you can visit once a day to click through once a day to help underpriveleged children receive free books. The Literacy Site funds Room to Read, which helps fund the publication of local language books for children in developing countries, as well as the building of schools. The site also funds First Book, another nonprofit group, which provides free books for low-income children in the U.S., and has been focusing on providing books in areas devastated by Hurricane Katrina. Funds are provided by advertising sponsors based on the number of clicks received each day.

You can sign up for daily email reminders from the Literacy Site to help you remember to click through when you check your email or you can just bookmark the site. There are other associate sites marked with tabs at the top banner of the Literacy Site that you can also help out with your clicks, including rain forest protection, breast cancer research, animal rescue, hunger, and child health.

Start clickin'!

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