Thursday, April 2, 2009

April Book Giveaway

Last month the giveaway book, plucked fresh from the shelves of our used bookstore, Old Saratoga Books, was the novel "In My Sister's Country", by Lise Haines. The randomly-selected winner is Lady Roxi. Congrats, my Lady! I'll be contacting you immediately after finishing this post to get your mailing address.

For the Rainy Month of April (rainy days = prime reading time, if you ask me), I am offering a gently used hardcover copy of a modern classic novel, D.M. Thomas' The White Hotel (NY: Viking, 1981, second printing). This is the most popular of the writings of the Cornish-born author and relates the story of a woman undergoing psychoanalysis from Dr. Sigmund Freud himself. She is an opera singer suffering from strange psychosomatic pains and fears, and there is a thread of narrative about her visions of the future and the Holocaust. Wikipedia has a longer discussion of the book's themes here.

To enter this book giveaway contest, all you need to do is leave a comment below before the deadline, April 30th, midnight (Eastern Standard Time). Good luck everyone!