Thursday, August 9, 2007


We've put a hold on book buying in the shop for the last year so we could catch up on the amassed boxes of books in our store basement. Then we got an offer we couldn't refuse: bookseller colleagues retiring and paring down an fantastic collection of books about history, fashion, biography, art, music, Western Americana, etc. More boxes were added to the piles and then of course, Dan and I can't help ourselves when we're out running errands. We must stop at our favorite thrift shops, church sales, library sales, and other secret troves of bibliobsession.

Last month we got another fabulous biblio-offer, so six van trips ensued and our basement book mastaba only has grown. Then, the local librarian called and asked if we'd cart away their library sale dregs last week. We gave them a donation and hauled away another van load. Now things cellarwise are at a crazy state and we have to get the piles down to keep the books on the bottom from becoming damaged and to avoid squashing Sam the Cat. We certainly don't want to take over the title of World's Most Dangerous Bookstore.

Stay tuned, as we continue to unearth various treasures and post some Internet specials.

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