Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Who is this Metal Head?

The Book Trout's weekly treat is to sneak out in between customers to grab a slice of pizza and have a quick scan at our community thrift shop, Second Hand Rose. There are always great finds, some bookish, some just plain interesting, and all of them bargains. I've gotten wonderful book ends, cool retro Christmas ornaments, sweaters, Fabric, a few book treasures, funky old plates and doodads and last month, this Metal Head dude.

The Metal Man is wearing mid-1800's garb with turned-up collar flopping over his frock coat lapels. He has the brushed-forward sideburns and hairstyle of a stylish man of the mid-19th century, but I am unsure who he might be. He doesn't look like an American president (although perhaps Andrew Johnson could be fit into his features), and he's not resembling any literary figure I can think of, so if anyone has any great ideas, please send them on. The Metal Man plaque seems to be made of pot metal and measures 7.5 x 5 inches.

I bought him to hang on the wall of the bookstore(there are two nail holes on the reverse side for mounting) but would like to place him in the right section. Thanks in advance for any and all detective work.

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