Monday, May 19, 2008

Vintage Book Coasters

Our little village thrift shop, Second Hand Rose, is a treasure house for vintage stuff and I'm always treating myself to a visit. I don't usually find too many great books, but the old linens, dishware, funky sweaters and tschotchkes never disappoint. I'm also usually lucky at sniffing out a great adornment for the bookshelves at the shop, like little statuettes of kids reading or homemade pottery, and this last week I picked up this gem which I thought was just a wooden trinket meant for a teachers' gift with little wooden book replicas. It turns out they are drink coasters. But now I'm wondering what the deuce is up with the half of a toothpick glued to the top of this coaster holder. A memento from a really great cocktail onion?


Geek Girls Own said...

Could it be put there to represent a teeny tiny pencil?

Exile Bibliophile said...

I'll second the pencil. I have a similar set or coasters, but they only say "Vol. I, Vol. II", etc. up to 8. They are also red and green (four each), but have a very simple holder.

raych said...

Ah, me. I have never been so jealous. I love them, I want them, I need to have them, but if I could have them, it'd be because you'd bought them at IKEA, and then I wouldn't want them anymore. Such is life.