Sunday, April 1, 2007

Recommended Reading: WOODEN BOATS

Dan likes to read nautical books and recently cracked open Michael Ruhlman's "Wooden Boats: In Pursuit of the Perfect Craft at an American Boatyard" (NY: Viking, 2001). Here are his thoughts:

**** I very much enjoyed Michael Ruhlman's account of his time involved with a small boatyard on Martha's Vineyard. His detailing of the construction of several craft-built wooden boats and his profiling of their makers, promoters and enthusiasts was very compelling and thought-provoking. But what I really enjoyed was his philosophical approach to the subject. Terms such as "boatstruck" and "workmanship of risk" and "the art and science of labor" really struck home and will cause anyone who reads this excellent book to reexamine their own daily efforts.

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