Wednesday, April 11, 2007

The Zen of Spam

I have been enjoying my new gmail account which not only allows me to check on my mail between home and bookshop, but has all the spam neatly filed into a spam folder so I can delete it all with one click after a brief viewing. With my business email address prominently displayed on our website, lots of spam is inevitable.

I usually find a chuckle from some of the mistranslations and computer-generated sentences from the spammer world and found that there is another blogger at Spam Poetry, who has found a way to mojo this daily annoyance into something positive. The Spam Poetry site is a compilation of the myriad of genital-enhancement, mortgage financing pitches and other cyber-dreck turned into word art. As the Spam Poetess puts it:

"A little bit Found Art, a little bit Whimsy, and mostly, just to find a way for me to find a peaceful intersection between digital communication and my life".

In the spirit of this haiku-like calm, I thought I would offer a contribution from today's spam tidings.

Separate yourself from other men

As those bitely
Dissimulate R. Underskirt,
Shed weight now and enjoy the process.

Have marmot between buzzing.

Act today;
Separate yourself from other men.

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