Thursday, March 27, 2008

Vegan Venom for La Bourdain

We don't have cable on our rustic road, much to the dismay of the Book Minnows, so I have never had the pleasure of indulging in the Food Channel and the gustatory delights of the telegenic Anthony Bourdain, but I really enjoy his books. From Kitchen Confidential to A Cook's Tour to The Nasty Bits, it's all been a vivid ride through the array of world foods. You can read my review of The Nasty Bits here which shows my appreciation for the irreverent chef.

Though I am a Bourdain fan, I have to share this hilarious new blog, HezbollahTofu, in which the vegan authors flout the unflattering things "Asshat" Bourdain has to say about those who do not dine on flesh. In a twist on the Julie and Julia book plot, HezbollahTofu is designed to extract the meat from Bourdain's Les Halles Cookbook and post venomous vegan versions of his recipes. So far, they look and sound yummy, and the satire is just searing.

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