Monday, March 31, 2008

Shelf Switcharoos

In an effort to incorporate a little more cardiovascular exercise at the book shop, we've switched around a bunch of the sections. Women's Studies now resides upstairs next to the big green armchair, shunting the Crafts section downstairs so that many more older ladies with bad knees can take a peek at our quilting, knitting, (but mostly) needlepointing titles.

Crafts then evicted Philosophy over to the shelves where Women's Studies used to be, and Parenting was lowered down several shelves to make room for all those Big Brain books, on the theory that parents are used to stooping down for their toddlers.

Lots of dusting ensued on Saturday, when my daughter was in to help with this Big Dig project, which was kind of poor planning, as we had to sidestep many customers on this busiest day in the shop, but I take my help when I can get it.

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Sonya said...

How about trying something like this:

this link might be kind of long....but it's a bookstore in my neighborhood that, for a time, had it's shelves organized not by topic or author, but by color.