Tuesday, April 1, 2008

The Book Trout is Genius?

I stumbled upon an interesting Internet website today and applied it to the Book Trout. The Blog Readability Test does some kind of check on the vocabulary on a blog or website and it has determined that Book Trout readers must be Genius Level. I tried out the test on my other blog, Wheat-Free, Meat-Free, and that also has a Genius ranking, but curiously, our bookstore website, Old Saratoga Books, with book listings for over 6,000 books, some of them with fairly erudite descriptions, requires one to only have a high school reading level.

blog readability test

I played around with some other websites and blogs and here's their readability rankings:

Google - Genius
Ebay - College (Undergrad)
Wikipedia - Genius
Paypal - Elementary School
New York Times - High School

Curiouser and curiouser.....


Anonymous said...

Oh, what fun !! The Saratogian is High School level. Is there a grade school level ? :)

Sonya said...

Ha! Go PayPal!