Thursday, April 10, 2008

Caught Reading!

There is a delightful, sociologically interesting blog, People Reading, which documents the conversations Blogger Sonia Worthy has with the San Francisco residents she catches reading each day. She is a great interviewer and notes why people are reading the books she spies them with, what favorite books they have, what books they loved as children, what books they might write themselves. It's fascinating stuff and the intrepid Worthy One certainly reaches a wide cross-section of book lovers, from toddlers to retirees, homeless folks to the well-heeled. I love this new blog find so much I've added it to the Book Trout's honorary blog roll.

As a bookseller I am happy to know that there are so many noses still into books. As Worthy notes:

Cell phones, iPods, and sudoku may continue to occupy the BART platforms, but books are everywhere, too. San Francisco, not surprisingly, is a very well read city. I don't pretend to be well read myself--this blog is more of an attempt to live vicariously through others--though I do read and I'm very interested in why we read what we do and what makes a good book good.

Vive People Reading!