Thursday, March 29, 2007


There are two bibliophilic resources that I use and peruse each day.

The first is the Bibliophilegroup mailing list. I have been a member of the Bibliophilegroup mailing list for about ten years now and I just can't recommend it enough to my colleagues in the bookselling and bookloving spheres. It costs $30 a year to join, although you get a free two-week trial period to check it out. It is the best $30 I spend on my book business all year. You join a lively circle of book fiends, booksellers, book collectors and rabid readers and learn cutting edge marketing tips, news, book fair schedules, computer help, book reviews and recommendations and the spiciest biblio-gossip. The list is owned and moderated by the surfing bookseller and bullfighting aficionado, Lynn DeWeese-Parkinson, who keeps everyone regaled with items about his new digs in Baja, Mexico, as well as offering the occasional ceviche recipe.

The Biblio list, as it is known to its regulars, remains as invaluable to me now as when I was a novice bookseller. It is always entertaining and enlightening as one hears what colleagues around the globe are reading, eating, listening to and imbibing. Biblians are able to post two for sale listings per day, so I also make money from my investment many times over. I've also scooped up some great books and ephemera from others for the shop and (more often) for my personal library. I can’t recommend this list enough to any bibliophile or bookseller.

My second essential daily book vitamin comes from the Bibliophilegroup Bullpen, a blog for members of the above Biblio list, run by Massachusetts native J. Godsey. Again, more precious continuing education, particularly about book repair and things typographic, is to be gleaned here. You'll also get a walloping dose of outrage over book desecrations and censorship, literary news and anniversaries, the coolest free book tools, and great visual images. I make this one of my first stops in the morning when I click on the computer so that I can enjoy "A whiff of old books with my coffee" as the site's motto indicates.

The Bibliophilegroup Bullpen is a free resource of course, but you can help support the blog by purchasing one of the cool book-themed T-shirts, aprons, book bags, coffee mugs and other items in the Bullpen store. These are of great quality and make excellent gifts. I would also recommend the purchase of Godsey's "Unbound: Book Repair for Booksellers", if anyone on your shelves is becoming unhinged or half-cocked.

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