Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Punch Drunk on Books

The book of the day is one just sold over the phone, which I have smiled at many times while we've had it on our shelves: Intoxication Made Easy, by Elliot Paul and Luis Quintanilla (NY: Modern Age Books, Inc. 194). The title just slays me, and the subject is equally wacky. As I described it in our Internet listing:
A culinary Kama Sutra, a rowdy Rabelaisian romp, a paean to shellfish cookery, a very entertaining gastronomical read, profusely illustrated with Quintanilla's quavering quill.
Elsewhere I remember seeing this book described as the musings of two well-marinated sots. And then there are the crazy illustrations. Alas, booksellers' remorse infects me and I must release it into other hands.

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